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Brunettes Have More Fun Session Rye IPA

4.8% ABV
Tropical fruity aroma dominates this session IPA with a balance towards light bitterness that gives way to the lightly toasted rye malt backbone. Refreshing, clean, and perfect for Spring!

Cardinal Series Witbier


5.0% ABV         
An inviting malt sweetness with spicy wheat aromatics and orangey fruitiness. Dark gold in color with a very pleasant and approachable balance between malt and hops offer a refreshing and very drinkable tasty spring Belgian Witbier.

Gorges Blonde


5.5% ABV         
This blonde ale has soft malty sweetness with character, including honey and crystal 80 malts. Gorges Blonde is balanced with moderate citrus hop flavor and a medium body. Very approachable, especially after a hike through The Gorge Metro Park.

Red Ale


5.2% ABV
Light aroma of toasted toffee and biscuit with a low earthy hop presence. This clean, smooth, and well-balanced Red Ale is suitable for any time of the day.

Milk Stout


5.6% ABV 
Mild chocolatey roast with a creamy sweetness blends well with UK Fuggle hops giving this beer a full bodied mouthfeel. Enjoyable on a nice cool afternoon or while breaking into the spring months.

TouchDown Brown Ale


5.6% ABV
The composition of chocolate, nutty, toasted, and just a smidge of roasted malts are paired with low fruity esters and a powerful body to make this brown ale smooth, real smooth. The complementary tropical fruit from the hops pairs well to create a beer you want to drink anytime, any day.

Roasted Coffee Ale


5.7% ABV       
Brewed with a hefty amount of Interrobang beans, a pour over espresso blend from Akron Coffee Roasters. Dark chocolate, toasted nuts… roasty, toasty, and robust.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter

6.2% ABV
A caramelly, toffee-like aroma. Hints of peanut butter, dark chocolate, and roasted grains will leave a sweet taste in your mouth.

Cardinal Series Saison


6.6% ABV
A fruity spiciness dominates the aroma with low citrus notes from late hop additions. The flavor mimics aroma while a slight sourness is present to round off the yeast driven spiciness. This complex beer is fully attenuated, dry, and refreshing.

Mr. Mike’s “Shake It Off” Oatmeal Stout

6.7% ABV
Lightly roasted coffee aroma with a slight malty sweetness. Oats add complexity and nuttiness to this full bodied stout with a low hop bitterness and a smooth finish.

Smash Simcoe IPA


6.7% ABV         
Intense aroma of Simcoe Hop, citrus, earthy, and floral dominate, while balanced with a low clean malty Pale Ale malt. The bitterness is there…but it’s quick, enjoyable, and smooth on the palate. Once again this Smash IPA is completely SMASHABLE.

Bossy Lady IPA


6.8% ABV
A combination of piney and citrus hop aroma including spruce tips and tropical fruit melt into this clean malt bill. The sweetness of the malt complements hop bitterness. You can’t go wrong with this classic IPA.



7% ABV
HiHazyHO is juicy, dank, and full of complex flavor balanced with a fruity resinous aroma. This beer has loads of citra and simcoe hops that give way to intense berry and orange aroma. The flavor picks up complexity from Pilsner malt and oats, giving it a slight haziness. Mimicking New England IPA water chemistry, a juicy balance fulfills this enjoyable beer.  

English Strong Bitter


6% ABV         
This ESB was brewed to be easy drinking. With a mild hop aroma of floral and earthy notes followed by a medium caramel finish of crystal malts, this classic English beer hits the spot.



6.4% ABV

This traditional Marzen was laggered for over six weeks to produce a rich, bready, and toasty aroma followed by the slightest grape finish. The sweet flavor finishes dry with a low hop bitterness and slight caramel profile.

American Wheat Ale


6.3% ABV
This American Wheat Beer begins with a low bready aroma and has a slight floral finish. The yellow hazy appearance is from the traditional German style…but with less yeast character; hence “American Style.” The clean fermentation is displayed as refreshing, yet complex. Slight sweetness, low bitterness, and crisp. Enjoy!

American Porter


5.6% ABV
Toffee, coffee, chocolate followed by a slight sweetness on the aroma dominates this American Style Porter. Dark in color, rich in flavor with grainy dark malt dryness. Medium bitterness, earthy, and complex.

HiHO Harvest Ale


7.1% ABV

The HiHO Harvest Ale is what it is…an all Ohio harvest beer. The grain profile consists of Ohio Pale Ale malt from Haus Malts in Cleveland. Roasted pumpkins and squash from Grandpops Hops (Marysville, Ohio) were added in the mash to produce a real nice full-body, mouthfeel, and color. We also used loads of fresh Centennial hops, Walnut Syrup, and Maple Syrup also from Grandpops Hops. We hope that you enjoy this true, earthy, fall harvest ale.

hey Jon, hey Jon
{double IPA}

9.1% ABV
Named after two brothers with the same name. Hey Jon, Hey Jon dominates with the aroma of tropical fruit. Loads of Centennial Hops pair well with the complex hop bitterness and Pale Ale /Crystal 40 backbone. We hope this Double IPA greets you as it does with our family; Hey Jon, Hey Jon!


7.1% ABV
A highly attenuated German Pilzen bier. Grainy malty sweetness showcasing Pilzen Malt. Light in color, bright. The flavor is light, crisp, and refreshing. The Hallertau hops add to the low bitterness and floral notes. Nice and easy drinking for a hot summer day.

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